Dance Injuries


Dance Injury Assessent


Dance Physiotherapy is a specialised area of Sports Physiotherapy that encompasses the prevention and treatment of dance related injuries. This unique area requires the Physiotherapist to possess a thorough knowledge of the complexities of dance and the injuries that can occur. 

Atlas Sports and Dance Physiotherapists can provide dancers with the following: 

  • Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Screening. This will assess posture, joint mobility, muscle length, biomechanics, strength and technical factors. Appropriate exercises will be given during this consult. ·

  • Pre pointe assessments. This process determines readiness for pointe work. This entails foot mobility and strength, knee hyperextension and control, turnout and hip stability, and core strength and control. Appropriate exercises will be given during this consult. ·

  • Treatment for all types of dance related problems including both recent and overuse problems. ·

  • Dance rehabilitation and Pilates.

Young dancers spend many hours training and rehearsing. As the amount and intensity of dancing increases, so does the associated risk of injury. Atlas Sports and Dance Physiotherapists will educate you about your body, how it works, and how it can better cope with the movement of dance. Dance Physiotherapy is the marriage of the art of dance, and the science of sports and medicine. 

Roz Penfold, Alana Brass and Jen Simons have all established themselves within the Dance community in Canberra. In addition to working at the Sydney Opera House for the Australian Ballet Company, Roz has provided physiotherapy to Bangarra Dance Theatre, Sydney Dance Company, the WA Ballet, the NZ Ballet, the Queensland Ballet and the English National Ballet companies. Alana works with local Canberra Dance schools and students, and touring dancers and actors; and Jen completed a 3-year-Degree in Circus Training—which included many forms of dance. She is also currently undertaking Pilates qualifications.