Musculoskeletal Screenings


Musculoskeletal Screenings


We encourage all people involved in the pursuit of health to consider undergoing a musculoskeletal screening. The achievement of health and fitness is best fuelled with accurate information. A musculoskeletal screening provides a template around which you can make a plan. 

Musculoskeletal screenings assess your posture, muscle groups and joint ranges. They are specifically designed according to the demands of individual physical activities. The screenings identify both your strengths, and any deviations from the norm. Screenings determine physical and postural limitations of an individual. Early detection of muscle imbalances can assist in preventing injury, and allow us to develop a targeted conditioning program in response. 

Musculoskeletal screenings can easily be applied to all levels of the sport. A personalised conditioning program is formulated for the individual built on the information gained from the screening. Where appropriate our physiotherapists will communicate with any coaching professionals linked to you exercise demands.

Each screening takes an hour. If your findings are straightforward the physiotherapist will take you through them at the initial consult, if the program needs to be more complex, it will be designed prior to your next consult which will take 30 minutes.