Nutrition & Dietetics


Nutrition & Dietetics


Non Diet Nutrition

Better decisions

  • Get rid of the diet mentality and stop yo-yo dieting.

  • Regain your confidence in feeding your body.

  • Learn to listen & identify your internal hunger cues.

  • Understand triggers and underlying issues.

  • Learn meal prep tips to save time and money.

Women's Health

Remember self care

  • Diet can have an impact on your wellbeing.

  • Eat to nourish your body and help with PCOS, endometriosis, fertility & pregnancy.

Food Intolerance Management

The guidance you need

  • Explore and understand trigger foods

  • Develop nutritionally adequate plans based on your needs

  • Challenge FODMAPs, Salycilates, Amines and Glutamates

  • Optimise your gut health

  • Empowerment through options rather than restrictions

Sports Nutrition

Working with individuals & teams

  • Endurance | Strength & Power

  • Pre + Post competition strategies

  • Recovery from daily training and injury

  • Hydration plans