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Here at Atlas Sports and Dance Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on our unified and cooperative approach to managing our clients. The physiotherapy profession encompasses a full spectrum of experience and knowledge. This is reflected at Atlas with the experience of our Specialist Roz, through to our newer graduates. The sharing of information and skills is paramount within our team. All our team are involved in ongoing education. We believe it is this open approach to learning that assists us in providing the best possible physiotherapy.



Roz Penfold

Principal Physiotherapist
Specialist Sports Physiotherapist
Master Sports Physiotherapy
Bach App. Sc.


Roz brings over 30 years of experience to Atlas Sports and Dance Physiotherapy. She is a certified Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists and a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist. Having spent 20 of these years as Principal of Atlas, in combination with working and traveling directly with some of the worlds’ best dancers and athletes she has a passion for keeping people moving in a sustainable manner.

A state level Squash player whilst at University, later becoming a National level track cyclist, well-equipped Roz to understand and manage elite athletes. She has travelled internationally with 6 National sports teams, worked and supported triathletes from 6 nations for the London Olympics (culminating in a silver medal), consulted to Tennis Australia, provided physiotherapy services to touring Dance and Theatre companies, including the Australian Ballet Company, The Western Australian Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, and Bangarra.

Whilst Roz’ passion for physiotherapy regularly extends to elite athletes and performers, she is enthusiastic to share knowledge at a grassroots level. Previously she spent many years as an educator to advocacy agency Pedal Power and various community groups, local ballet schools, and currently the Yoga and Pilates community. She continues to mentor peers and is active in maintaining professional medical connections.



Phillip Cossens

Specialist Sports Physiotherapist
Master of Sports Physiotherapy
Bach App. Sc. (Physiotherapy)


Specialist Sports Physiotherapist Phil Cossens, has been instrumental in keeping some of Australia's elite athletes and sporting teams in peak physical condition. He has travelled throughout the world working within some of the most gruelling international competitions including Track & Field, Basketball, Football, Swimming and Gymnastics. Phil was awarded the Specialist Sports Physiotherapist title in 2017.

Currently working with Rowing Australia, Phil is passionate about assisting people through injury back to their health, fitness and wellness goals.

With 17 years experience as a Physio, including 5 years working at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), we are happy to welcome Phil back to the Atlas team.


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Thien Vuong


Bachelor App. Sc. (Physiotherapy),
University of Sydney


Thien completed his undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney in 2008. With 10 years of clinical experience, he has seen numerous different injury presentations across many walks of life. He has also worked at St. George Hospital from 2009-2014. He has also set up and successfully run his own multidisciplinary practice inside Fitness First Carlingford from 2013-2017. He relocated from Sydney in 2017 in pursuit of a more balanced lifestyle.

As a former NSW representative marathon runner, and previously working with Fitness First clients, Thien has an in-depth understanding of the needs of a fitness driven population.

Thien believes that hands-on therapy combined with a personalised exercise program is the key to excelling his patient’s rehabilitation.



Juliana Lisboa

Dietitian & Sports Dietitian
BSc Biological Science
Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics
Postgraduate Diploma Sports Nutrition


A tropical soul from Brazil, Juliana has lived in Sydney and Hobart for many years, before settling in Canberra. Her interests in nutrition have evolved through the years. It started with searching for the perfect diet, the one that would solve all her problems - you know that one? Thankfully she finally realised that she was missing the point and only then could she see past the surface and understand how food really can change our lives, in a deeper and more meaningful way. 

With a strong interest in sports, she started focusing not on what her body looked like, but what it could do - mountain bike, climb mountains, lift heavy weights above her head and hold her upside down. Where exercise provides the tools, food brings in the bricks and cement to build a strong body.  

Juliana is an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Sports Dietitian, with a Bachelor of Biological Sciences and a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics working in private practice since 2010. She also attained a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee and is currently studying a Bachelor in Psychology.

Juliana takes an individualised and no nonsense approach to nutrition and believe in eating real, fresh, seasonal food. She not only looks into the nutritional requirements, but also helps people identify and clear barriers that may be preventing them from taking action. Many people "know what to do, but don't do it". Working with Juliana is not about a quick fix, it's about digging deep into the issue, to find a lasting solution.