Pre Post Operative Rehab


Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation


Here at Atlas, we pride ourselves on ensuring the best possible outcome following orthopedic surgery by providing rehabilitation programs designed according to the most current research.

Our physiotherapists meld this with your specific status and goals, and your surgeons protocol preferences. Post-operative rehabilitation will encompass a hands-on approach to regain movement, with rehabilitative exercises playing an important role in regaining function, flexibility and strength. We guide you from the early days of simple movements and exercises, towards achieving your goals whether that may be functional activities of daily living or a sports related goal.

Common surgeries requiring post-operative care include reduction of fractures, shoulder reconstruction, shoulder stabilisation, rotator cuff repair, knee replacements, ACL and ligament reconstructions, arthroscopies (of ankles, knees and shoulders), meniscal repairs, ankle reconstructions, and spinal surgeries including discectomy/fusion/stabilisations.