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Here at Atlas Sports and Dance Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on our unified and cooperative approach to managing our clients. The physiotherapy profession encompasses a full spectrum of experience and knowledge. This is reflected at Atlas with the experience of our Specialist Roz, through to our newer graduates. The sharing of information and skills is paramount within our team. All our team are involved in ongoing education. We believe it is this open approach to learning that assists us in providing the best possible physiotherapy.


Roz Penfold

Specialist Sports Physiotherapist
Master Sports Physiotherapy
Bach App. Sc.

Roz brings over 25 years of experience to Atlas Sports and Dance Physiotherapy. She is a certified Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists and a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist. Being the most qualified sports and dance physiotherapist in Canberra and region, Roz’ expertise is regularly sought after by other health professionals locally and nationally. 

A state level Squash player whilst at University, later becoming a National level track cyclist and an ACTAS scholarship holder well-equipped Roz to understand and manage elite athletes. 

Roz has travelled internationally with National sports teams, consulted to Tennis Australia, provided physiotherapy services to touring Dance and Theatre companies, including the Australian Ballet Company, The Western Australian Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, and Bangarra. She continues to act as a consultant to ACTAS cycling. Whilst Roz’ passion for physiotherapy regularly extends to elite athletes and performers, she is enthusiastic to share knowledge at a grassroots level. This finds her being the primary educator to Pedal Power, local ballet schools, the yoga community, as well as mentoring new and experienced physiotherapists. 

Over the past 3 years Roz has been consultant to an International Triathlon Squad, a role that has seen her based at high altitude for 3 months in Davos, Switzerland and then through to the 2012 London Olympics. The highly successful squad comprises the 2011 women’s world sprint champion, and some of the current world top 20 triathletes, including recent Olympic silver medalist Lisa Norden (Sweden) and Sarah Groff (USA, placing 4th).

Outside of Atlas, Roz has a passion for surfing and yoga. Roz Penfold began her journey into yoga over 10 years ago and has co founded SOULution Yoga, the partnership business that houses Atlas Treatment Rooms & Exercise Space.


Alana Brass

Masters of Sports Physiotherapy
Masters of Physiotherapy
Graduate Diploma of Psychology
Bachelor of Psychology
Bachelor of Law

Alana is passionate about her work in physiotherapy. This is demonstrated by her ongoing professional development endeavours and strong her desire to help her patients in a holistic manner.  Her compassionate nature and demeanour offer a safe space for clients of all ages and with all issues to pursue the pathway to health and wellness.

Alana has recently completed a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and is awaiting her APA Sports Title award. 

Her special interests include Dance physiotherapy for which she has completed professional experience at the Australian Ballet, Pilates for Dancers (APPI), as well as Dance teacher training for health professionals. She has treated professional dancers from the Australian Ballet Company, Bangarra and Sydney Dance Company. 

Asides from Sports physiotherapy Alana has completed development in the following areas: dry needling, pre and post natal pilates, headache & migraine treatment and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. 

Outside of the clinic Alana enjoys teaching and practicing Power yoga and is a qualified Pilates instructor (APPI).