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Specialist Sports, Dance & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Services in Canberra

Atlas Sports and Dance Physiotherapy was established in 1998 by Roz Penfold. Having just completed a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy in conjunction with studies at the Australian Institute of Sport, Atlas was created as a space to share patient centred and research driven physiotherapy. This commitment to professional excellence furthered as Roz was awarded the title of Specialist Sports Physiotherapist in 2008, and continues to lead the practice with a commitment to evidenced based practice.

Whilst the physical premises has morphed from its initial home in Belconnen to Braddon, the focus on providing quality Physiotherapy that is respectful of, and responsive to, individual patient needs and values remains consistent. The practice now located at 69/30 Lonsdale street Braddon and shares reception space with SOULution Yoga and Pilates studio.

At Atlas Sports and Dance Physiotherapy we work with clients of all ages and all fitness levels, providing professional assessment, diagnosis and treatment of injuries. Whether a result of sport, dancing, workplace injury or just everyday activities, our experienced practitioners will provide immediate and ongoing injury management.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete or dancer to benefit from our expertise. We can help treat and manage a wide range of conditions including back and neck pain, arthritis, headaches and migraines, work related issues, pre and post-operative careand growth-related problems. In fact you don’t have to be injured at all to see us. With a wealth of research support we believe in using movement and exercise as preventive medicine.  We can help you design an exercise program to aid in moving forward in health and wellbeing.

Our approach is to design an treatment plan in collaboration our clients – that is you. We believe the best possible outcome is facilitated by assisting you to understand the condition that lead to you presenting at the practice.  This will include education about your specific presentation and diagnosis and the factors which have contributed to injury and how to address or modify them. An explanation of the likely prognosis – that is the time it will take to recover and what will be required to achieve this. 
The consultation may also include hands on manual techniques, exercise and movement education and planning for the next period of recovery.

In distinguishing our services from other practices, Atlas has established its reputation on uninterrupted, quality time with our patients,that means you will not be left unaccompanied with application of electrotherapeutic devices or to perform exercises. 

Since its establishment Atlas Sports Physiotherapy has provided coverage to:
The Australian Ballet Company, Bangarra Dance Company, Sydney Dance Company, ACT Academy of Sport, Dance Development Centre Canberra, Kim Harvey’s Dance School, Quantum Leap/QL2, Canberra Roller Derby League, The Choreographic Centre, Capital Football, Cycling Australia, The Hockeyroos, The Matilda’s, Soccer Canberra, Cycling Australia, Rob de Castella’s Indigenous Marathon Project, Tennis Australia and Tennis ACT. 


Servicing local and national athletes, dancers and professionals since 1998. 

Focused treatment plans to support your pathway to your optimal health and movement capacity.

Targeted education to empower you in understanding and feeling ownership over your own progress.


2002 Telstra and ACT Government Small Business Awards Australian ACT—Winner Micro Business Category & National Finalist

"I have been visiting Roz and her team for years, simply because they are excellent at what they do and have a passion and an appreciation of how important pain free movement and sport are. Naturally I approached them first when I required assistance to ensure my Indigenous Marathon Project runners were fit and injury free for the New York Marathon in November. These runners have gone from not knowing what a marathon was, to completing the biggest marathon in the world with just 8 months of training! This is a testament to the treatment and education they received by Atlas Physio achieving what many thought impossible."
- Rob de Castella, Australian former world champion marathon runner, 2017