Appointment Types & Services

Atlas Sports Physiotherapy provides many specific and comprehensive treatments, from bike setup and prescription to sporting injury management. We cater to a wide range of injuries and issues and the following list is a sample of some typical appointments.

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Bike Setup


Irrespective of the level of the cyclist, the science of biomechanics, aerodynamics and muscle physiology, are applied to each individual. These are then considered in respect to the cyclist’s body type and biomechanics, goals and objectives. In short a good setup marries the pure science of biomechanics and aerodynamics, with the less precise art of reading and fitting the body to this science.


Dance Injuries



Young dancers spend many hours training and rehearsing. As the amount and intensity of dancing increases, so does the associated risk of injury. Atlas Sports and Dance Physiotherapists will educate you about your body, how it works, and how it can better cope with the movement of dance.

Gait Assessment



The gait cycle is the continuous repetitive pattern of walking or running. A gait or running assessment involves looking at your walking or running mechanics and relaying the findings back to you. Our physiotherapists can then provide you with information to ensure you are more biomechanically sound, and as a result more efficient with a reduced risk of injury.


Headaches & Migraines



People experience headache for a multitude of reasons, in fact there are over 300 types of headaches described, however research by Headache and Migraine Consultant Physiotherapist Dean Watson into this area has demonstrated that a majority of headaches have the same underlying pathophysiology. Manual therapy can effectively reduce the irritation of the upper cervical vertebrate and surrounding structures.


Manual Therapy



We believe the best physiotherapy outcomes come from skilled assessment and manual treatment. Our approach is to correct the underlying joint stiffness and muscular restrictions, whilst providing you with active solutions towards the rehabilitation of your injury, through education and a targeted exercise program. All exercises are explained and recorded during your consult.

Musculo-skeletal Screenings


Musculoskeletal screenings assess your posture, muscle groups and joint ranges. They are specifically designed according to the demands of individual physical activities. The screenings identify both your strengths, and any deviations from the norm. Screenings determine physical and postural limitations of an individual. Early detection of muscle imbalances can assist in preventing injury, and allow us to develop a targeted conditioning program in response.

Post Operative Rehab


Here at Atlas, we pride ourselves on ensuring the best possible outcome following orthopedic surgery by providing rehabilitation programs designed according to the most current research. We guide you from the early days of simple movements and exercises, towards achieving your goals whether that may be functional activities of daily living or a sports related goal.


Sporting Injuries


At Atlas we manage all types of sporting injuries. Our physiotherapists come from a range of sporting backgrounds and achievement, in addition to being heavily involved in the sporting arena providing services from a grassroots level to national and international settings.