Running & Gait


Running & Gait Assessment


The gait cycle is the continuous repetitive pattern of walking or running. A gait or running assessment involves looking at your walking or running mechanics and relaying the findings back to you. To do this our physiotherapists may utilise video analysis to interpret your biomechanics.

Such an assessment is considered an important part of an individual’s training program, whether training at a competitive level or simply to keep conditioned. Our physiotherapists can then provide you with information to ensure you are more biomechanically sound, and as a result more efficient with a reduced risk of injury.

Research shows that up to 80% of runners will sustain a running-related injury. Most running injuries are classed as ‘over-use’ type injuries—that is, sustained due to repetitive minor loading that in isolation create no major trauma, but over time and with insufficient recovery culminate in injury.

Quite often these injuries stem from sub-optimal running technique and a resultant increase in force travelling through the body. As the body attempts to adapt to this load, muscle imbalances develop placing the body in a compromised position that over time may culminate in injury. Prevention of this type of injury is key.

If you are interested in taking up running, have sustained a running-related injury or are interested in avoiding an injury, the Physiotherapists at Atlas will assess joint range, flexibility, functional strength; and assess your gait as part your consultation in order to address mechanical imbalances. The findings from your physical assessment will be used to develop a progressive plan to assist you in achieving your running goals.